What it's all about.

Writing a novel? A screenplay? A passion project? But having trouble doing to the actual writing bit? Give yourself the gift of time. No distractions. No internet. Just eight full hours to write in peace.

The Local Writer’s Retreat is a one-day retreat in a quiet, brightly lit private residence in Santa Monica, CA. And our aim is simple: to create an environment that helps you write more.  We offer eight full hours of intentional writing time, surrounded by other creative minds like you.  We won’t critique or lecture. We’ll simply review your goals for the day and then get to it. No socializing required. Promise. Lunch is included as well all the coffee you could ever need.

Just imagine how much can be achieved when you leave every other excuse at the door. Imagine finishing your day with new words on the page and the kind of momentum that could take you through the next chapter or the next. The Local Writer’s Retreat is just what you need to get going or keep going or just get it done.

What's this include?

At the Local Writer's Retreat, you'll get:

  • 7.5 hours of uninterrupted writing time (with a thirty minute break for lunch), followed by an optional cocktail hour
  • Your choice of 9 desk spaces in four bright, airy rooms
  • Seating inside and out
  • Free parking
  • Writing prompts to help pinpoint personal stumbling blocks
  • All the coffee you could ever want (bulletproof lattes available)
  • Lunch and gluten free treats
  • Time to hunker down and actually do it
  • Accountability, since you paid for the thing!

Just consider the time lost in chasing the perfect coffee shop seat. Consider the parking. The one-more-scone-so-I-can-sit-here-another-hour. These little annoyances can steal energy from what matters most: your writing. 


- Reviews from visiting authors, screenwriters, & bloggers alike!

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Where do I sign up?

Great question. The cost is $75.00 for the day, including lunch, parking, happy hour, and plenty of coffee. So if you are seriously ready to get moving on your writing goals, click below to book your spot!

Upcoming Dates: Writers Blok LA DayCamp - October 28th, 2017

March 24th, 2018
68.00 75.00
Anytime Gift Card

Wait. Who's hosting this thing?

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My name is Brittany Grinham, and I'm an advertising creative from Nashville, TN. I've written commercials, online content, and short films for brands like Burger King, Microsoft, JELL-O, Toyota, Guinness, and many more. In 2015, I moved to LA after a two-year stint in London, where I was an active member of the Faber Academy community, a school for writers created by Faber and Faber publishing house. I'm also the co-founder of a company called Hush, which helps people find the digital detoxes and develop healthier relationships with technology. And in my spare time, I attempt fiction.  

Working full time, I deeply understand the distractions we create for ourselves in writing. Even finding the perfect writer's retreat can become an Internet wormhole that can cost you serious money and time. So I started the Local Writer's Retreat to help foster creative momentum for myself and hopefully for you too. While luxurious retreats are a dream, I've learned I don't actually need to travel or take off work to hit my word-count goals. In fact, my home right here in Santa Monica has proved a lovely space to help me get moving on my own writing goals, and now I'd love to share it with you!